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Community Component: 7 Hits ....!!! 7x7x7x7x7

As a multi-layered project, Daguerreotype, Mirror with a Memory, encompasses a community project which features several sites in a given city. Chuma will recruit seven photographers, seven dancers/performers, and seven stage managers, divided into seven groups of three: one photographer; one dancer/performer; and one stage manager. Each group will select one location, which is significant, memorable, and/or meaningful to them, and create a seven-minute piece under the direction of Yoshiko Chuma. The pieces will be performed seven times on a same day with intervals in between. The seven performances will be photographed each time. 70 photographs will be taken per 7-minutes piece, and total of 3,430 documented photographic images will be assembled to create a 7-minute long animation to be shown in the lobby/hall of the venue. 

Photos from Past Community Projects


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