Structure and Score

Daguerreotype, Mirror with a Memory will be structured in seven segments according to the procedure of daguerreotype making listed below as a parallel. Dancers will transform the process of daguerreotype-making into physical movements following the seven steps of daguerreotype-making:
1) Polishing: 25 min.
- Brightness 100% 
- Polishing a silver plate. Faster exposures, and clear images with deep shadow. 
2) Sensitizing: 15 min. 
- Must be done in very dark. (There could be a little bit of light in order to see colors.) 
- Coat to the first shade of rose over iodine, change to a deep rosy red over quick, and black about one tenth the first. Different duration of time makes different effects on color and tonality. 
3) Exposure: 4min. 
- Subject must stay still as much as possible. 
- Multi-coated daguerreotype is 3-4 stops faster than single coated daguerreotype. It may take 1-3 seconds at F 4.0 in the shade of bright sunny day. This phase needs complete darkness. (This is the original method used by Daguerre and the majority of historical daguerreotypists). Small mercury droplets form in the shadow areas of the plate. 
4) Developing: 2min.
- Must be done in dark with red light. Needs complete darkness.
- This is the original method used by Daguerre and the majority of historical daguerreotypists.
5) Fixing: 1min. 
- Must be done in complete darkness.
- Any uneven flow of fixer makes unpleasant mark on a finished plate.
6) Gilding: 30 sec. 
- Can be done in a bright condition. (light 100%)
7) Framing: 5 sec. 
- Finishing.

Length and Time:

Daguerreotype, Mirror with a Memory is a performance process with various phases of development that can be viewed at any stage. 

The length of the finished piece is planned to be approximately 60 minutes, time enough to complete the daguerreotype process and develop the dance. As time progresses, each segment becomes more intensified and active as if crescendo is applied. It is as if compressing the timings of daguerreotype making procedure.

Making of Daguerreotype by Takashi Arai from Takashi Arai on Vimeo.

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